Business Services

Our services are comprehensive and provide immediate and significant results. We will work with you throughout the year to maintain your books and records to minimize the year end rush. Whether your business is the growing companies, or a family-owned business experiencing steady, more predictable growth, you can benefit by our experience.

Financial Statement Preparation

Financial statements are a summary of the financial information of your business and can only be prepared by an Accountant. Commonly called attestation services, there are three different types of opinions attached to financial statements: audit, review and compilation. Each has a different level of assurance associated with it, meaning the level of reliance that can be placed upon it by third parties. Along with each level of assurance is an increase in the amount of analysis that is required, and also the cost.

Accounting Systems

Knowledge is power, understanding your business is key to its success. The pulse of your business runs through your accounting system, it makes sense to ensure this system is as efficient and effective as possible.

A well designed system will be simple yet effective, enabling transactions to be controlled and financial information to be accurate without requiring an excessive investment in time or expense. Whether your transactions consist of thirty vouchers per month or three hundred, we can help you build a system that works with your business. Our goal is to enable you to control your business without your accounting system controlling you.

Payroll Outsourcing Service

We provide a payroll outsourcing service to all types of business scale, ranging from SMEs to large companies. The services offered are in the form of outsourcing the processing and calculation of salary, Social Security and Healthcare Security, and personnel income tax data reports for employees of the company.

Outsourcing services are widely used by companies to reduce operating costs by transferring part of the workload to third parties, meanwhile the companies can remain focused on their major business.