Tax Services

Our team is enriched by dedicated professionals with deep understanding of tax regulations. We have served and managed portfolio of our clients for long time period, well-maintained relationship. Our clients include many of the nation’s leading businesses and fast-growing corporations in many sectors such as manufacturing, trading, services, as well as prominent multinationals. We have also served individual taxpayer clients, building trusting relationship with the clients.

Tax Consultancy

Nowadays tax has been played an important role to every business. To prevent surprising losses related to tax, tax advice needs to be done before you enter into business transactions.

How do we help?
A major part of our work is devoted to minimising our client’s tax while remaining within the legal boundaries. Our client’s affairs are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are organised as tax effectively as possible. To ensure that our advice is current and relevant, our professional team carries out extensive and ongoing professional development, reviews new legislation, case law and tax rulings.

We are aware that there is increasing focus in the marketplace and by tax authorities on the policy issues surrounding tax planning and specifically on how corporations structure their affairs to mitigate their tax liabilities. Therefore, our tax planning advice must be given in the knowledge of the facts and circumstances of the client concerned, must always involve discussion of the wider consideration of all risks involved, including how our client’s actions might be viewed by others. In addition, we are advisors on tax planning and not principals or counterparties.

Our tax consulting services can be performed in the wide range of areas.

  • All Taxes
  • Indirect Taxes
  • Corporate Taxes

Tax Compliance and Reporting

With the increasing focus on governance and regulation, tax compliance has never been so important. Compliance failure represents not only a financial risk, financial penalties and a possible increase in the tax charge, but also a serious business risk, as it can damage company’s reputation with the authorities and the public.

How do we help?
We can assist in monthly and annual corporate income tax return from preparation until submission of reporting to the Tax Office.

Tax Dispute Resolutions

Tax disputes in Indonesia can be complex and each of its stages involve not only technical but also strategic advice. It may arise from the following situations:

  • Tax Audit
  • Objection
  • Tax Appeal

How do we help?
At each stage of tax dispute resolutions, we provide assistances to help you in argue and stand with your tax positions.

During a tax audit, we can assist by representing, handling and dealing with tax auditors of the Indonesian Tax Office (ITO). This event may continue in the objection, tax appeal, and reconsideration process. In the stage of Tax Appeal, we can represent you by power of attorney to handle cases in the Tax Court.

Transfer Pricing (TP)

Indonesia’s new regulation on transfer pricing documentation requirements has been issued, which implements the guidance on transfer pricing documentation contained in Action Plan 13 of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project in Indonesia.

How do we help?
We can assist in preparing strategic TP documentation, in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the tax regulations, to support practices of arm’s length principle on related-party transactions.